“After many years of searching for a health care provider I could partner with, I finally found Dr. Su. She listens carefully, and does not rush me. She uses many techniques to evaluate the patient and gets to the root of the problem quickly and painlessly. After the evaluation, she designs a program just for your body, that is easy to follow and gets results fast. I enjoy her dedication, intelligence, caring and creative problem solving. The new health I have from her care is such a big improvement. She is the best.”
– Marie T., Oakland

“My health has never been better because of her care. At age 56 after three years of unending pain and illness I have found a health care practitioner who can help quickly, and accurately, with sincere kindness. My asthma is much improved and not a daily problem, shooting pains in my legs have gone and no more fatigue. Plus my digestion works and my peace of mind is much more constant. Dr. Su’s diagnostic skills are superb, best I have ever found, and I had been looking!”
– Louise G., Alameda

“A few years ago, I suffered a traumatic brain injury, which changed my life forever and forced me to spent about 9 months of bed rest. My brain injury is by far the hardest and most difficult thing that I’ve ever dealt with in life, and I had to struggle daily with my health as well as most people’s lack of understanding of the health crisis that I was dealing with.

For example, my neurologist at the time thought that I was just depressed, and insisted that I take antidepressants, which he repeatedly prescribed for me and pushed on me. As you can imagine, I fired the neurologist, and thanks to a caring and an understanding friend, I was introduced to Dr. Zhao Su.

I still remember the day I walked into Dr. Su’s office, I was in such bad shaped and after she ran a few tests on me, Dr. Su said to me “you have done some serious damage to yourself, but we will be able to fix you.” That moment marked the turning point for me, where I was able to finally find a doctor that believed me and understood what I was dealing with.

Due to personal and privacy reasons, I will not share the details of my medical history, but I am truly grateful for Dr. Su and for all that she has done for me, and without her, I wouldn’t have returned to the happy and productive person that I once was before my traumatic brain injury.

Dr. Su gave me my life back, and I encourage anyone who takes their health seriously to call Dr.Su and set up an appointment with her.”
-Robert M., Berkeley

“Dr. Su’s wisdom, training and love for what she does are phenomenal. They far supersede any other doctor I have been to. I had been sneezing every day for one month with nasal congestion and discomfort. Dr. Su did her usual check-up and prescribed nutritional supplements. Since that visit I have not been sneezing nor have I had any nasal congestion. Her process takes into account the whole body and how it works together. She knows what she’s doing and my body can testify to that.”
– Janae P., Campell

“My experience with Dr. Su has been exceptional. Not only is she very knowledgeable in “all” of what she does, she is a passionate healthcare practitioner. After seeing Dr. Su, I not only sleep better (had insomnia) I have an over all well-being in regards to my health. She is more than just a chiropractor… She is more than just an acupuncturist… she is more than just a nutritionist…. she is a “one-stop” shop for “holistic” wellness. Everyone that I have referred to her have become her patients. That says a lot. I highly recommend Dr. Su and her services!”

-Stephanie T., San Leandro

“Knowing Dr. Su has been a pleasure and most of the time fun. She works with you and is not afraid to say, hmm, not quite sure why this is happening and will find out why, and most important, Dr. Su is a friend that anyone would trust. I do. For those thinking about having Dr. Su work on you with acupuncture or whatever your need is, I strongly think is time to act now.”
– Skip M., Hayward

“I would like to recommend Dr. Su to all people who are looking for unique treatments for their systemic difficulties. For the past 6 months her care has helped me recover from problems that other practitioners have not been able to identify. I am looking forward to additional improvement.”
– Barry R., San Jose

“I threw out my back about three years ago, when i almost did it again recently, I came to Dr. Su and she was able to get me moving again without pain, I wish I came here three years ago.”
– David MacDonald, Oakland

“Dr. Su is AMAZING, and unlike any health care practitioner I have gone to.  She is highly intelligent and has an unusual ability to understand health on a holistic level. She has a profound understanding of the body-mind-energy connection.

I have seen Dr. Su for over three years, and cannot imagine not having her as a health care provider.  She has so many skills, and is trained in so many advanced techniques that she can help in some way on almost any problem.  I have seen her for acupuncture, chiropractic work, and applied kinesiology.  Her ability to combine all of these techniques and knowledge leads to improved health–physical, mental, and energetic all in one visit.  Her Applied Kinesiology technique (which I will let her explain to you) has especially has made a huge difference in my life.  I highly recommend that anyone and everyone try it, especially if you are taking medications or supplements.

Dr. Su is continually expanding her practice and introducing new techniques and offerings.
Bottom line:  Dr. Su is your go-to doctor for progressive, cutting edge treatment.”

-Nikki M., Oakland