We focus on treating the causes of imbalances. We treat by integrating the triad of health: chemical, mental, and structural aspects, connecting each part to the whole. Such a comprehensive approach to patient care allows healing to take place quickly.

We provide services in six integrated approaches:

  1. Chiropractic — re-establish structural integrity.
  2. Detoxification — remove heavy metals and other toxins from the body.
  3. Acupuncture — rebalance electromagnetics, open up cellular communication.
  4. Nutrition and herbal therapy — rebuild nutrition for organ/gland weakness.
  5. Allergy Elimination Techniques — reprogram the body for any allergy/sensitivities.
  6. Emotional Release — re-evaluate emotional patterns and remove limiting belief systems.

Please inquire additional services, such as:


Structure integrity is the foundation of health. We use the adjustor and percussor to correct joint and muscle abnormality.



Acupuncture evolved into a complete medical system at least five thousand years ago in ancient China.  It promotes natural healing.  It can enhance recuperative power and immunity, support physical and emotional health and improve overall function and well-being.  It is a safe, painless and effective way to treat a wide variety of medical problems.

At the core of this ancient medicine, is the philosophy that Qi, or Life Energy, flows throughout the body.  Qi animates the body and protects it from illness, pain and diseases.  A person’s health is influenced by the quality, quantity and balance of Qi.  Qi flows through specific pathways called Meridians.  Each of these are connected to specific organs and glands.  An obstruction to the flow of Qi is like a dam.  When it becomes “bcked up” in one part of the body, the flow becomes restricted in other parts.  Hindering the flow of Qi can be detrimental to a person’s health, cutting off vital nourishment to the body, organs and glands.

Once the imbalanced of Qi are detected by an acupuncturist, s/he will place fine, sterile needles at specific acupoints along meridian pathways.  This safe and painless insertion of the needles can unblock the obstruction, and balance Qi where it has become unbalanced.  Once this is done, Qi freely circulates throughout the body providing adequate nourishment to cells, organs, tissues and muscles.  This eliminates pain, restores balance and harmony along with the body’s natural ability to heal itself, ultimately leading to optimal health and well-being.


Chinese herbs

The beauty of Chinese herbal formulas dwell in its infinite variations, tailoring to each individual client’s health needs.


Nutritional Therapy

By using Nutritional Response Testing (NRT), a system of muscle testing that derives its information directly from a person’s autonomic system, we are able to identify the weak links in the body, and therefore supplement exactly what the body requires to heal at the moment.

The supplements we use are all food based and 100% absorbable. The beauty of NRT is that we can tailor specific program for your personal issues, essentially customized to your health needs. We perform a Nutritional system scan and you walk away with a balanced Nutritional system just right for you. Then we retest you on a periodic basis to make sure you still need what you are taking or dies it need to be changed as your overall health improves.

Again, your body, your health, your choice. So far we have seen testimonials come in saying – more energy, improved metabolism therefore weightloss, improved female balance, holding adjustments better, improved immune function, and reduction in allergy symptoms.



Toxins are everywhere. In today’s environment, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and even the food we eat, assaults our body with toxins. While our bodies have certain cleansing abilities it can’t always keep up with the demand and becomes overloaded and toxic. As a result, the body’s cells can’t work at peak efficiency. This causes a domino effect for physical ailments such as allergies, arthritis, migraines, fatigue, decreased muscle function, loss of flexibility, cancer, heart disease, circulatory problems and impaired ability to heal.

1.  Energy Balancing Footbath.

Our most-popular methods of detoxification is our detox footbath. Patients enjoy how relaxing and effortlessly it is as they can see visually junks come out from their feet.  The Energy Balancing Footbath is a cellular cleansing therapy which restores the body’s energy balance while facilitating and aiding in the natural detoxification process.

The EB cellular cleanse has been proven to balance and restore the body’s PH and electromagnetic energy, which are critical in assisting the body in every aspect, from its ability to detoxify organs to its ability to digest. Healthy individuals can expect to feel lighter and have more energy. Some patients with pain, edema, gout, headaches and swollen joints have reported immediate relief. Other patients with allergies, arthritis, lymph edema, neuralgia and other symptoms have experienced relief and benefits with multiple treatments.

2.  Infrared Sauna

Compared to traditional sauna, infrared sauna provides greater healing effects.  Infrared penetrates deeper into the skin and muscle layer, lower blood pressure, increases blood circulation, burns calories, raises metabolism.  Toxins are sweat out from the skin.

3. Individually Designed Detox Program

Everyone has different body type, life-style, and needs.  Lots of detox program on the market are designed for healthy individuals.  Clinically, even though people with compromised system are the ones need to detox the most, yet, they can not tolerate the process.  We specialize in creating detox program for patients with blood sugar imbalance, digestive problems, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune conditions, etc.


Cold Laser Therapy

The low level laser we utilize has been approved by the FDA and proven to reduce pain, improve the function of muscles, the nervous system, and organ tissues. We have great results in treating chronic headache, TMJ, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, fatigue, depression, ADHD, allergies and neuropathies. We are excited to bring this technology in to help you reach you wellness goals.


Color Therapy

Color therapy is the use of color in assisting the body in its natural ability to balance itself. Color serves to support our vital life force by supplying light energy to the system. Color Therapy Eyewear is a means of directing color energy into the body. The eyes convert light (color) into electricity, which travels through our nervous system directing all body functions. When color enters our eyes each frequency is directed to the area of the body that recognizes that particular frequency. This causes cellular and hormonal changes to occur, thus bringing the body into synchronization or balance with the color.

Allergies/Sensitivities Elimination

The energy system and brain could interpret a particular substance (a whole wheat bagel, a peanut, sun light) as potentially harmful to your body, and your body reacts. After clearing the blocked energy pathway, many patients are able to enjoy life more fully. Please click on BAXAura for details.


Hair Analysis

Hair has the advantage of long-term memory. It’s a permanent record, like tree rings. A sample of hair sent to the lab will show levels of potentially toxic elements and levels of essential elements that are necessary for normal body function. In certain cases, the hair proves to be more indicative of body stores than blood or urine.


Saliva Testing

Saliva Testing is extremely useful in detecting hormone imbalance, metabolic abnormalities, allergens, and GI infection etc. If your blood test does not agree with the way you feel, this economical, convenient and precise test (together with Hair Analysis) will find the answer for you.


Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

HRV is a measure of total health and fitness. This is ideal for monitoring the progress of the patients treatment program as comparisons can be made between initial testing and testing after treatment has begun.


The percussor is a high frequency hand held device that works on tight muscles. It vibrates (similar to ultrasound, but there are no gels and you can keep your clothes on ) to release scar tissue, myofacial adhesions, and restricted muscles. Remember that muscles are what move and stabilize your spine. By adding this percussor treatment that only take a few minutes, we can help your muscles to change your posture and spinal function. This means you hold you adjustments better and longer.

Emotional Release

Symptoms are rarely triggered by physical causes alone. Negative emotions frequently get in the way of a successful adjustment. Color and sound therapy, cold laser, and behavior modification are a few of the powerful tools to ‘clear’ negative emotions.