Cleansing Workshop

Cleanse Workshop

-Feeling Toxic? Heavy? Sluggish?
-Want to do a detox but don’t know the right way to do it?

We’ve designed the cleanse in such a way that you get to CHOOSE what level you would like to do, and we’ve also added a few items to the package to make your experience go even more smoothly.

Our cleanse is gentle, yet very effective. Participants lose an average of 8 pounds in the 21 days, feel increased energy, clear skin, improved digestion, less brain fog, fewer hot flashes and more!

Throughout the cleanse we eat healthy vegetables, fruits, proteins, shakes, fats and whole-food based, vegetarian supplements. This is NOT a starvation cleanse, it is just a smart, healthy way to eat.

The three levels to choose from are:

Level One: This entails removing only these five categories of food from your diet:
Coffee(but green tea is OK) Alcohol Sugar and sweeteners
Processed foods(anything coming in a bag, box, or can) Deep fried food

This means that technically, you could eat a pizza if you made it yourself because it does not contain coffee, alcohol, sugar, was neither deep-fired nor processed. If you have not done a Cleanse, we often recommend that you start here.

Level Two:Many people have already had a conversation with us about nutrition and they may want to clean up their diet beyond just eliminating the five categories above. On Level two you remove gluten/wheat OR diary; not both.

Level Three: This is the level that is described in the guide and cookbook, “One Degree of Change.” For the first 10 days, we eat vegetables, fruits and quinoa & lentils and SP Complete shakes, then on day 11-21, we add clean meats such as wild-caught fish, organic chicken or grass-fed beef. We will clarify in more detail what to do as will the Cleanse guide and cookbook.

Sign up to receive the special price of $275. This includes all supplements and shakes, a cookbook, a phone app, and all the support you need to be successful!
Why don’t you treat your body to a Detox Cleanse and see how fantastic you will look and feel? Contact us with your questions or make an appointment for a free, ” see if we fit” consult to find out which level is good for you! Or how we may help you nutritionally.

Detox Cleanse Supplements
During your Cleanse, we provide you with nutritional supplements to support you in your wellness. The supplements are vegetarian and gently detox and nourish your body. These apply to ALL levels of the Cleanse.

During the entire Cleanse:
1-3 shakes per day with 2 large scoops of SP Complete powder
Week 1:
1 scoop Whole Food Fiber in a shake, 2 times per day
SP Cleanse 7 capsules 3 times a day, empty stomach(30 minutes before a meal or one hour after a meal)
Gymnema–1tablet, 3times a day
Week 2 and 3:
1 scoop Whole Food Fiber in a shake, 2times per day
SP Green Food 5 capsules 2 times per day, empty stomach
Gymnema –1tablet, 3times per day, until you run out

Your package also includes Gymnema, which is an herb that is extremely good at reducing sugar and simple carbohydrate carvings. It has been used in India for centuries for diabetes. Many people who are still working on reducing carbohydrate intake or diabetic will often refill this after the Cleanse since it helps so much!

A few thoughts:
Some people who are very active, or have higher metabolism (we often see this is men) do better if they eat meat protein throughout the entire Cleanse when on Level Three.

A quick and easy shake for people on the go uses the Blender Bottle or an immersion blender: Use a juice like the blue or green Odwalla juice or Naked juice, dilute with a little water and 2 scoops of SP complete. It takes about a minute; shake it up or use a quick zap with an immersion blender and enjoy.

You may jump between different levels if that helps you with compliance.

If is normal to feel a bit tired and have headaches for a couple of days when you start, but if you do not improve, or your symptoms are too extreme, please let us know ASAP. You may be detoxing too quickly and need to take a lower dose of supplements for a short period of time.

Many people do this Detox Cleanse once or twice a year, as it is enormously effective for getting your liver to conjugate toxins and release them through your digestive tract, but also it helps your kidneys too.When we take about preventative health, this Detox Cleanse is a foundation component. If you decide to do this again, or if you have a spouse who would like to do it with you, you clearly won’t need the book again, so we offer a “Refill” kit of just the supplements. Let us know if you are interested. It is less expensive.

We have an app available for the SP Cleanse, entitled” Standard Process Purification.” It is free and contains everything from a count of glasses of water, to the supplements you need to take daily and recipes. It’s super helpful!

Our acupuncture friends in Texas have a Pinterest page that has a ton of recipes if you want healthy ways to eat after the Cleanse. Check it out at